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A low-priced bread machine with a consistent pattern of positive owner comments

Whenever we do a review on a bread machine we look very closely for patterns related to comments or complaints about a feature or function. If numerous owners comment on a similar problem or benefit we present those findings supported by relevant quotes from the owners.

I mention this only because we have not encountered a machine with a pattern of positive comments like we’ve found for the Toastmaster TBR15 Breadmaker. This based on at least 60 customer reviews for a bread machine listed on at $69 as of the date of this review.

While there are some isolated complaints they seem to be related to fundamental mistakes in isolation related to customer mistakes or misunderstandings driven by selection of the wrong settings, ingredients or inexperience with bread machines. Here’s an example.

faq  “Does this machine make butter?”
No. It is a bread machine.


Here are the highlights for the Toastmaster TBR15 1-1/2-Pound Breadmaker

“We’ve been using one of these for ten years, to make bread a couple of times a week. It’s still going strong.”



The Toastmaster TBR15 has 8 pre-programmed settings including basic, fast bake, French, whole wheat, sweet, quick bread, dough, and bake only plus 3 crust settings ranging from light to medium to dark. It does not have a dedicated gluten free setting. It also has a delayed setting that allows you to delay any cycle up to 13 hours. Our standard caution with any delayed cycle setting is to avoid adding dairy products like milk, butter or eggs if you are using a delayed setting.

“It’s lasted me, so far, for 7 years! I’ve had no problems with this brand.”


Horizontal Bread Pan

A unique feature of the Toastmaster TBR15 is its horizontal bread pan that bakes both one and one and a half pound loaves. This horizontal configuration is usually only found on more expensive bread machines. The pan is described as non-stick. This usually is Teflon or a Teflon derivative but the specific coating is not identified.

“I use this all the time and it works very well.”


One Kneading Paddle or Two?

Most bread machines with a horizontal loaf configuration feature two kneading paddles. Toastmaster makes no mention of the number of paddles which leads me to believe there is only one paddle. Manufacturers who have two paddle combinations often tout this feature and there is no apparent mention of the number of kneading paddles in the Toastmaster TBR15. There were some isolated comments from some owners about efficient mixing but I’ve seen these comments even with machines with a vertical loaf configuration.

“After the first mixing, I often have to scrape some flour off the sides of the tray with a spoon.”

“The mixing phase requires help. What I mean is that left by itself, the ingredients will not mix properly.”

“5 star but…. you should at least take a look after the first beep (to indicate mixing is done) to make sure there isn’t unmixed dough stuck to the sides.”


Extra-large Viewing Window

The Toastmaster TBR15 Breadmaker has one of the largest viewing windows we’ve seen. This really helps to monitor progress on a loaf so you don’t have to lift the lid, but there was one curious comment about the lid actually melting and presented in all capital letters.


Given that this was an isolated comment I suspect the owner either had a defective machine or had somehow used an improper setting, but it’ noted here as a caution due to the fact that the top and the window is in fact mostly plastic.


LCD Panel

The Toastmaster TBR15 has an LCD control panel that is easy to use. There were no apparent complaints about the panel and it seems to be intuitive and easy to understand.

“I bought this for $39 on Amazon way back in 2005 and in 2014 I’m still using it.”


Product Specs

The Toastmaster TGR15 measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 12.2 inches which defines a fairly compact bread machines. It’s very light at 9.6 pounds and curiously there are no complaints about the machine vibrating or walking across counters. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.


Steve Nubie

Steve Nubie has been writing professionally for 38 years. He is a Chef and has traveled across Asia and Europe studying language, culture and cuisine. He instructs culinary classes in the Culinary School at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and has written extensively on cuisine, cooking, diet and nutrition. He is a published author of 10 books including a cookbook and continues to write on subjects related to culinary trends.

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    julia simpson July 7, 2018 at 8:37 pm
    Overall Rating

    I am looking for the instructions to have the bread be made in the morning. Cant find the instructions to the machine.

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    dave engle October 16, 2017 at 2:45 am

    I made an Egg Bread recipe from the book and it blew up went over the pan sides and into the heating element. I followed directions exactly. Made other bread and mostly ok

    • Reply
      Jeremy Meeks December 19, 2017 at 1:52 am

      I’ve used this particular bread machine since, well, I can’t remember. I inherited it from my parents when I moved out of the house around 2013. I use it usually during the holidays and occasionally throughout the year, but it has rarely failed. Getting it to produce the perfect dough ball usually consists of adding a teaspoon of water or flower before the beep until it either becomes nicely formed or unsticks from the sides (not the usual method of scooping the sides). If a loaf has over-proofed it is usually due to a few factors. Mostly it has to do with the ratio of sugar/salt/yeast. You cannot omit the salt, as it retards the rise to some degree, and I have on occasion added a tad more salt to almost all the recipes as I notice it tends to produce a nicer top (not one that is deflated looking from overproofing). It has yet to overflow from pan though.

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