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Sweet Mint Bread Recipe

Yields15 Servings

If you have mint growing anywhere in your yard or garden you probably have too much of it. Mint spreads faster than most weeds. But it is a wonderfully aromatic herb and comes in varieties ranging from spearmint to peppermint. Fresh mint has the most flavor, but dried mint delivers the mint flavor notes for as much as you would need for this bread recipe. We’re also going to add a variable and that’s maple syrup. Mint seems to go well with sweet things so let’s make a bread that has the sweetness of maple syrup and the flavor accent of mint.

 1 cup water at 110°F./ 43° C.
 0.25 cup oil or melted butter
 0.25 cup maple syrup
 1.50 tsp salt
 3 cups bread flour
 1 cup oatmeal
 1 tbsp mint (chopped fresh or dried)
 2 tsp bread machine yeast

Place the ingredients in the bread pan in the order indicated in the INGREDIENTS section and select basic or white course, 1.5 loaf and medium crust.


When done remove from bread pan and cool on a rack for 10 minutes. Slice and serve.


This bread is great with salty or savory dishes as a complement to lamb, veal, pork or beef and can also be enjoyed as a dessert or thinly sliced for tea-time.

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