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Shepherd’s Bread Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Shepherd’s bread was actually a mainstay for shepherds in Western Europe especially the Basque shepherds of Spain.  It appealed to them for a number of reasons.  For one, the recipe was very simple and easy for them to make.  They also enjoyed the durable and crusty nature of the bread due to the use of whole wheat flour.  Finally, the bread kept very well in a backpack or an over-the-shoulder pack without getting crushed.

 2 ½ teaspoons of salt
 ½ cup of butter at room temperature
 1 cup of water at 110 degrees F. or 45 degrees C.
 3 cups of whole wheat flour
 2 ½ teaspoons of bread machine yeast or active dry yeast

Add all of the ingredients to the bread pan in the order indicated in the ingredient section of the recipe.


Select the Wheat Bread Setting for a 1.5-pound loaf and a dark crust. You can use the 100% Whole Wheat Bread Setting if your machine has one.


When done, let the loaf rest on a wire rack until cool and then slice and serve or toss the whole loaf into your backpack.