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Low-Carbohydrate Wheat Bread Recipe

Yields1 Serving

When it comes to bread it’s going to come down to carbohydrates. The fact of the matter is that many flours are very high in carbs and some recipes call for added sugars. This recipe is different. It uses a blend of flours low in carbohydrates with no added sugar. For the record, this bread recipe is not carbohydrate free but it’s as close as you can come to a bread that’s very low in carbs.

 1⁄2 cup water
 1 egg
 1 tablespoon butter
 2 tablespoons sugar substitute like Splenda
 1⁄3 cup ground flax seeds
 1⁄4 cup soy flour
 3⁄4 cup wheat flour
 1 teaspoon dried yeast

Select Wheat cycle; 1 pound loaf and combine ingredients according to order indicated in recipe. Select light brown crust.

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