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Hanukkah Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnuts Recipe

Yields20 Servings

Sufganiyots are delicate, airy rounds of a sweet dough that’s deep fried and then filled with jelly and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. They’re connected to Hanukkah because they’re preparation involves frying them in oil Given that Hanukkah is a celebration of the miracle of oil, the preparation for this dessert is appropriate. The fundamental idea is to make the dough in your bread machine and then shape them before allowing them to rise and then deep-fry. We’ll cover how to make a basic strawberry jelly and a simple technique for filling the donuts. What’s critical is a proper rising period and the right temperature for the oil. That combination is what causes the sufganiyots to puff up and create a space for the jelly filling.

 1 1/3 cups reduced fat milk (110° F./45° C)
 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted and slightly cooled
 1 large egg
 4 cups bread flour
 3/4 cup sugar
 1 teaspoon salt
 2 envelopes rapid rise yeast
 2 quarts canola oil for deep frying
Filling and topping:
 Jelly - check out some recipes here
 Powdered sugar

Add the ingredients to the bread pan in the order indicated and select the dough cycle. When the cycle is complete remove the dough from the bread pan onto a floured surface.


Roll out into a 1/2-inch thickness.


Take a 3-inch round cookie cutter or a glass with a 3-inch diameter and cut rounds out of the flattened dough. Gather up the excess and re-roll and cut until all of the dough is used up.


The dough has already risen once in the bread machine but it needs a second rise. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let the dough rounds rise for 30 to 45 minutes.


Heat the oil in either and electric fryer or a large, deep saucepan or pot. Heat the oil to 350° F./175° C. Place the doughnuts into the oil carefully with a large slotted spoon until you have a layer of doughnuts floating on the top of the oil. Fry for two minutes a side.


When done, remove from the oil with the slotted spoon and drain on paper towels or brown paper bags.


Allow them to cool for a few minutes until you can easily handle them. Fill a pastry bag or a plastic bag with the jelly and drop a pastry tip into the bag. Map a small incision into the side of a sufganiyot and Insert the pastry tip into the side of the doughnut and squeeze to fill the center. How much jelly you choose to use is up to you.


Dust the top with powdered sugar and serve.

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