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Everyday fruit bread Recipe

Yields15 Servings

This is called an Everyday Fruit Bread because it uses the fruits of any season including dried and candied, mixed fruits. In some respects it has the characteristics of a fruit cake but traditional fruit cake has a batter consistency. This is a yeast bread that starts as a dough and finishes with the texture and consistency of a loaf of white bread. You can use any combination of dried or candied fruits but make sure you don’t exceed the total of 2/3’s of a cup for any fruit combination. You’ll also want to add the fruits at the first beef following the initial kneading cycle or use your fruit and nut hopper if you have one. Make sure you dust the fruits with flour if you’re using the hopper. Dried fruit and especially candied fruits can get very sticky and remain in the hopper if not tossed and dusted in some flour.

 1 egg
 1 cup of water plus 2 tablespoons
 0.50 tsp of ground cardamom.
 1 tsp of salt
 1.50 tbsp sugar
 0.25 cup of butter, softened
 3 cups of bread flour
 1 tsp of bread machine yeast
 1/3 cups of raisins
 1/3 cups of mixed candied fruit

Place all ingredients except raisins and fruitcake mix in bread machine pan in the order listed or recommended by the manufacturer.


Add raisins and candied fruit at the fruit/nut beep or 5 to 10 minutes before the last kneading cycle ends. If you have an automatic fruit hopper this will happen automatically. Set for a 1.5-pound loaf, and the either the Fruit and Nut setting of the basic white setting if you don’t have a fruit and nut setting. Use Medium crust color.

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