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Coconut Flour Bread Recipe

Yields1 Serving

Coconut flour is gluten free and this bread has a surprising texture and sweetness for a gluten free recipe.  It also uses flakes of coconut to add texture to the bread and as a crispy topping.  The surprising thing about coconut flour is the small amount that’s needed to make this bread.  Coconut flour expands significantly when it comes in contact with any liquid so a little goes a long way.

 6 eggs at room temperature
 ½ cup of coconut oil or vegetable oil
 1 tablespoon of honey
 ½ teaspoon of salt
 1 tablespoon of baking powder
 ¾ cup of coconut flour
 2 tablespoons of arrowroot flour (optional but it will make for a lighter loaf)
 ½ cup of grated coconut plus a ¼ cup in reserve for topping

Add the ingredients to the bread pan in the order indicated in the ingredients section and select the cake or batter bread course for a 1-pound loaf and medium crust. When the kneading cycle is complete top with the remaining quarter cup of coconut flakes before the baking cycle begins. When done, remove the bread pan from the machine and let the bread rest in pan for 10 minutes and then remove from the pan for an additional 5-minute rest on a wire rack or cutting board. Slice and serve


If finishing in the oven, put the ingredients into the bread machine pan in the order indicated and select either the cookie dough, pizza dough or pasta dough setting to mix and knead the batter. If your machine only has a basic dough setting that’s fine, but pour out the batter before the rising cycle begins in a buttered, glass bread pan and bake for 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Regardless of the method, test the center or the loaf with a knife or wooden skewer to make sure the center of the loaf is sufficiently baked. If the knife or skewer emerge wet, bake for another 10 minutes until they emerge dry and let rest for the standard 10 minutes before slicing and serving.