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A very good price for a machine with advanced features, good customer reviews and exceptional customer service.

We’re usually very careful with our reviews to ensure we accurately report both benefits and flaws with any bread maker. The Kuissential Bread Maker passes the tests on almost every front, with one minor complaint that emerges across all ratings from 5-star to 1-star.

Very High Ratings From Customers

For the record, the Kuissential Bread Maker scores extremely high with owners on Amazon.com. Of 128 owners, 91% gave the Kuissential machine a positive rating across the top two-box scores of 5 and 4 stars with 73% awarding it 5-stars. Only 1% rated it at 1-star so Kuissential is obviously doing a lot of things the right way.


Very Affordable Considering The Features

The machine is currently listed on Amazon for $99.99 although the standard retail price is $129.00 so shop around. It bakes a one and a half pound and two pound loaf in a vertical configuration. Significantly, it has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, which is typically found on machines at twice the price.

There were few if any complaints about the fruit and nut dispenser like we’ve seen in the past although one customer said all of her poppy seeds weren’t dispensed. That’s unusual. The most common lament with automatic fruit and nut dispensers is when fruits like raisins stick to the sides and never make it out of the hopper. That standard solution to that problem is to dust the raisins with flour first so they’re not as sticky. I can’t understand what the problem could be with poppy seeds unless they were moist or wet.


13 Settings+

Kuissential Bread Maker BMC-001-5

The Kuissential has 13 settings including gluten free and 100% whole wheat plus basic white and mixed breads, French, Sweet, Rapid, Multigrain, Sandwich, Dough, Cake, Jam, Bake, and Home-Made which is a customizable setting That amount of settings is also unusual for a machine at this price-point. Customers have discovered this for themselves:

faq  “Has anyone tried 100% whole wheat bread?”

Yes, first thing I tried as a test. Came out perfect.

faq  “Will it make pizza dough?”

Yes, it sure does.

The gluten free setting when used with the proper recipe also delivers good results:

“I bought this to make gluten free bread. I followed the directions and the results were great.”

However, one customer found a problem with one of the settings and automatic dispenser:

“The dispenser does not work on the dough only cycle.”

Like most bread machines it has a 13-hour delay cycle and a viewing window in the lid. It also has 3 crust settings including light, medium and dark.

“Crusts are evenly baked. Great machine!”

The Bread Pan

This is a single paddle machine with a fixed or stiff kneading paddle as opposed to a collapsible paddle. It has a non-stick coating but the type of coating is not identified. Like most bread machines manufactured in

China it is probably a Teflon or Teflon derivative coating. The key with any bread pan for any bread machine is to never use a metal utensil in the4 bread pan. Use a rubber or plastic spatula if you need to separate the bread from the side of the bread pan. There were no complaints about this issue with Kuissential, but it will happen eventually with any bread machine depending on the recipe.

faq  “Is the bread pan dishwasher safe?”

Actually, it is NOT dishwasher safe! According to the user Manual: “Never immerse the bread pan in water or any other Liquid.”


Exceptional Customer Service

A significant finding based on the customer reviews was the exceptional customer service from Kuissential.

“This has given me the greatest customer service. It is great to know that they stand by the customers and reach out directly to you to answer any questions.”

We damaged the paddle by accident, our fault, and they sent us a replacement, which was greatly appreciated.

Many bread manufacturers offer varying degrees of customer service, but Kuissential seems to have made it a priority. Kuissential appears to be both easily accessible and highly responsive. That’s unusual for most of the manufacturers of bread machines we’ve reviewed so if service and support is important to you, keep that in mind.


The Old Instruction Book Issue

Across most of our reviews a common lament is the quality of the instruction books that accompany any bread machine. The Kuissential offers an instruction book but two complaints have shown up as a pattern across owners from 5-star reviews to 2-star reviews.

The first complaint is that it offers minimal information about how to operate some of the more complex features of the machine. That’s unfortunate given the robust features the Kuissential offers.

The second and biggest complaint is that no recipes are in the instruction book.

“I wish that it had a recipe book with it instead of having to go online for the recipes.”

Kuissential expects owners to go to their website to find recipes or to download and print them. This has an upside and downside.

The upside is that they can offer new or seasonal recipes much like we do on our website. The downside is that there’s no easy access to a recipe in the kitchen drawer if you want to toss together some ingredients for a loaf of bread. Kuissential is actually a bit defensive about this decision and it’s the only contradiction we could find for a company that seems to offer exceptional customer service.


Other Issues

These are few and far between with the Kuissential and seem to fall into the standard category of complaints for all bread machines. Things related to loaves falling after rising, crusts too dark or noise. These complaints were minimal if not insignificant for Kuissential and there was no apparent pattern to the complaints so we’re going to dismiss them.

In our experience these kind of complaints are more the result of an inexperienced bread machine baker either not following instructions with regards to settings, or imprecise measurements with ingredients. Bread machines can’t magically fix improper measures or make any recipe gluten free. You have to carefully follow the recipe.

However, there were some minor complaints about the display with regards to setting and timing:

faq  “What color is the display setting? My current machine has black numbers on dark gray, and after eye surgery I can’t read them.”

It is the same.


We’ve developed many recipes for bead machines on our website and all have been kitchen-tested across a range of machines if your looking for an online recipe. Also, if you need a cookbook for bread machine recipes you can buy one, or download and print the recipes from Kuissential. Based on what we’ve seen in reviews the Kuissential recipes are very good, accurate and customers have had good results.



The machine is relatively lightweight at 11 pounds but there are no complaints apparent from customers with regards to the machine moving around or falling off the counter during the kneading cycle due to its lighter weight. It measures 15.5 x. 10 x 12 inches. The specific model number of the machine we are reviewing is BMC-001.

faq  “Does it have any warranty? How Long? Its warranty seems not shown in the product description.”

Yes, it is one year.


The Bottom Line

Kuissential Bread Maker BMC-001-2

Across the board this is a very good bread machine for the money. It has robust features and its customer service is the best we’ve come across so far. We’d recommend you simply download and print their recipes from their website and toss those in the kitchen drawer. After that you should have good success and if you don’t, just call them and it sounds like they’ll make it all better.


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