Converting Weights and Measures – Bread Machine

You can measure ingredients by volume, ounces, grams and more. Here’s how to take any recipe and convert the weights and measures.

In this article we’re going to offer both tables and links that will allow you to take a cup of a dry ingredient and understand its weight in ounces or grams. The way various countries and bakers measure their ingredients varies and this will make it easier.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that various ingredients that seem similar in volume actually have weight differences in terms of grams. These differences are slight so volume measures like cups and spoons still produce a good result, but professional bakers depend on the weight of ingredients in ounces or grams to get the perfect result. This is particularly true when converting the volume for different flours.

For example a cup of bread flour weighs 120 grams while a cup of gluten-free flour weighs 156 grams.   This isn’t a problem if your recipe calls for volumes measured in cups, but if it calls for 120 grams of gluten-free flour and you assume that will equal a cup you will be using the wrong proportion.

If you want to measure your ingredients by weight or volume you’ll need a baker’s scale. For some people this is another appliance that they don’t have room to store or maintain, but if your kitchen space allows -it’s worth considering.

Most of these conversions are for dry ingredients as opposed to liquids. Liquids are never measured by weight but there are conversions from American measures to metric that you might need to know. Links for these conversions can make this easy to do. In fact most measuring cups indicate both cup increments and metric milliliter increments so you can easily see how much liquid you need.

In addition there is sometimes a need to convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade for baking and the link to easily make this conversion is also noted.

This could apply as well for converting lengths as it relates to the size of baking pans and sheets, and dough sheet sizes or cuts.

Knowing how to make these conversions is important because so many recipes vary in terms of how ingredients are identified in terms or weight or measure. In fact some instruction books list one or the other and not both when identifying volumes as cups or grams.

Here are some of the most common ingredients used in cooking and baking and their conversions based on research done by King Arthur Flour:


Unbleached All-Purpose Flour1 cup4 1/4120
9 Grain Flour Blend1 cup4 3/8124
European-Style Artisan Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Bread Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Durum Flour1 cup4 3/8124
First Clear Flour1 cup3 3/4106
French-Style Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Irish-Style Flour1 cup3 7/8110
Italian-Style 001 cup3 3/4106
Perfect Pasta Blend1 cup5 1/8145
Self-Rising Flour1 cup4113
Perfect Pastry Blend1 cup4113
Sir Lancelot High-Gluten Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Perfect Pizza Blend1 cup4 3/8124
Unbleached Pastry Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Unbleached Cake Flour Blend1 cup4 1/4120
Whole Wheat Flour (traditional)1 cup4113
White Whole Wheat Flour1 cup4113
Whole Wheat Pastry Flour1 cup3 3/896
All-Purpose Baking Mix1 cup4 1/4120
Gluten-Free Flours
Gluten-Free Flour1 cup5 1/2156
Gluten-Free Brown Rice Flour1 cup4 3/4135
Gluten-Free Whole Grain Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Gluten-Free Baking Mix1 cup4 1/4120
Rye Flours
Medium Rye1 cup3 5/8103
Perfect Rye Blend1 cup3 3/4106
Pumpernickel1 cup3 3/4106
White Rye1 cup3 3/4106
Various Flours
Almond Flour1 cup3 3/8112
Toasted Almond Flour1 cup3 3/896
Amaranth flour1 cup3 5/8103
Ancient Grains1 cup4 5/8113
Barley flour1 cup4113
Buckwheat Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Chickpea flour1 cup385
Coconut Flour1 cup4 1/2128
Harvest Grains Blend1/2 cup2 5/874
Hazelnut Flour1 cup3 1/889
Hi-Maize® High-Fiber Flour1 cup4 1/4120
Hi-Maize® Fiber1/4 cup1 1/832
Oat Flour1 cup3 1/492
Potato Flour1/4 cup1 5/846
Potato Starch1 cup5 3/8152
Quinoa flour1 cup3 7/8110
Brown Rice Flour1 cup5 3/8152
Rice flour (white)1 cup5142
Semolina Flour1 cup5 3/4163
Sorghum flour1 cup4 7/8138
Soy flour1/4 cup1 1/435
Spelt Flour1 cup3 1/299
Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour1 cup3 3/4106
Tapioca Starch or flour1 cup4113
Teff flour1 cup4 3/4135
6-Grain Flakes1 cup3 3/896
Almonds (sliced)1/2 cup1 1/243
Almonds (slivered)1/2 cup257
Almonds, whole (unblanched)1 cup5142
Almond paste (packed)1 cup9 1/8259
Apples (dried, diced)1 cup385
Apples (peeled, sliced)1 cup4223
Apricots (dried, diced)1/2 cup2 1/464
Baking powder1 teaspoon4
Baking soda1/2 teaspoon3
Baker’s Cinnamon Filling1 cup5 3/8152
Bananas (mashed)1 cup8227
Barley (cooked)1 cup7 5/8215
Barley flakes1/2 cup1 5/846
Barley, pearled1 cup7 1/2213
Basil pesto2 tablespoons128
Berries (frozen)1 cup5142
Boiled cider1/4 cup385
Blueberries (dried)1 cup5 1/2156
Blueberries (fresh)1 cup6170
Bran cereal1 cup2 1/860
Bread crumbs (dried)1/4 cup128
Bread crumbs, Japanese Panko1 cup1 3/450
Bread crumbs (fresh)1/2 cup3/421
Baking Sheet brownie mix (dry)1 cup5 3/4163
Buckwheat, whole (kasha)1 cup6170
Bulgur1 cup5 3/8152
Butter1/2 cup, 1 stick4113
Buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream2 tablespoons128
Buttermilk Powder2 tablespoons7/825
Cake Enhancer2 tablespoons1/214
Caramel, 14-16 individual pieces1/2 cup5142
Caramel bits (Heath; chocolate or chopped toffee)1 cup5 1/2156
Candied Peel1/2 cup385
Caraway seeds2 tablespoons5/818
Cashews (chopped)1 cup4113
Cashews (whole)1 cup4113
Carrots (grated)1 cup3 1/299
Carrots (cooked and puréed)1/2 cup4 1/2128
Carrots (diced)1 cup5142
Celery (diced)1 cup5142
Cheese, cheddar, jack, mozzarella, Swiss (grated)1 cup4113
Feta1 cup4113
Ricotta1 cup8227
Parmesan (grated)1/2 cup1 3/450
Cheese powder1/2 cup257
Cherries (dried)1/2 cup2 1/271
Cherries (candied)1/4 cup1 3/450
Cherries (frozen)1 cup4113
Chives (fresh)1/2 cup3/421
Chocolate (chopped)1 cup6170
Chocolate chips1 cup6170
Cocoa, unsweetened2 tablespoons3/811
1/4 cup3/421
1 cup385
Coconut, unsweetened (grated)1 cup4113
Coconut milk powder1/2 cup257
Coconut, sweetened (flakes)1 cup385
Cookie crumbs1 cup385
Coffee powder2 teaspoons1/84
Corn (popped)4 cups3/421
Cornmeal, whole1 cup4 7/8138
Corn syrup1 cup11312
Cornstarch1/4 cup128
Cranberries (dried)1/2 cup257
Cranberries (fresh or frozen)1 cup3 1/299
Cream cheese1 cup8227
Currants1 cup5142
Dates (chopped)1 cup5 1/4149
Egg white (fresh)1 large1 1/435
Egg whites (dried)2 tablespoons3/811
Egg yolk (fresh)1 large1/214
Flax seed1/4 cup1 1/435
Flax meal1/2 cup1 3/450
Figs (dried, chopped)1 cup5 1/4149
Garlic (cloves, in skin for roasting)1 large head4113
Garlic (minced)2 tablespoons128
Garlic (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/4149
Ginger (crystallized)1/2 cup3 1/492
1/3 cup2 1/464
Ginger (fresh, sliced)1/4 cup257
Graham crackers (crushed)1 cup5142
Graham cracker crumbs (boxed)1 cup3 1/299
Granola1 cup4113
Grape Nuts1/2 cup257
Hazelnuts (whole)1 cup5142
Honey1 tablespoon3/421
1 cup12340
Jam or preserves1/4 cup385
2/3 cup7 1/4206
Lard1/2 cup4113
Leeks (diced)1 cup3 1/492
Lemon powder2 tablespoons5/818
Lime powder2 tablespoons5/818
Macadamia nuts (whole)1 cup5 1/4149
Malted milk powder1/4 cup1 1/435
Malt syrup2 tablespoons1 1/243
Malted Wheat Flakes1/2 cup2 1/464
Maple sugar1/2 cup2 3/478
Maple syrup1/2 cup5 1/2156
Marshmallow crème1 cup385
Marshmallow Fluff®1 cup4 1/2128
Marshmallows (mini)1 cup1 1/243
Meringue powder1/4 cup1 1/243
Mayonnaise1/2 cup4113
Milk, evaporated1/2 cup4 1/2128
Milk, 1%1 cup8227
Milk, store bought nonfat dry1/4 cup3/421
Milk, sweetened condensed1/4 cup2 3/478
Millet (whole)1/2 cup3 5/8103
Molasses1/4 cup385
Mushrooms (sliced)1 cup2 3/478
Oat bran1/2 cup1 7/853
Oats, traditional rolled or thick flakes1 cup3 1/299
Oats, quick cooking1 cup3 1/889
Oats, steel cut (raw)1/2 cup2 7/899
Oats, steel cut (cooked)1 cup9255
Oil, vegetable1 cup7198
Olives (sliced)1 cup5142
Onions, baking1/2 cup1 3/8
Onions, fresh (diced)1 cup5142
Orange juice powder2 tablespoon5/882
Organic 6-Grain Flakes1/2 cup3 5/8103
Peaches (peeled and diced)1 cup6170
Peanut butter1/2 cup4 3/4135
Peanuts (whole, shelled)1 cup5142
Pears (peeled and diced)1 cup5 3/4163
Pecans (diced)1/2 cup1 7/857
1 cup3 7/8113
Peppers, red or green (fresh)1 cup5142
Persimmon pulp1 cup8 1/2241
Pineapple, dried1/2 cup2 1/271
Pineapple juice powder2 tablespoons5/818
Pineapple (fresh or canned, diced)1 cup8 1/243
Pine nuts1/2 cup2 1/271
Pistachio nuts1/2 cup2 1/860
Pistachio nut paste1/4 cup2 3/478
Poppy seeds2 tablespoons5/818
1/4 cup1 3/8
Polenta (coarse ground cornmeal)1 cup5 3/4163
Potatoes (mashed)1 cup7 1/2213
Praline paste1/2 cup5 1/2156
Pumpkin (canned)1 cup9 1/2269
Quinoa (whole)1 cup6 1/4177
Quinoa (cooked)1 cup6 1/2184
Raisins (loose)1 cup5 1/4149
Raisins (packed)1/2 cup385
Raspberries (fresh)1 cup4 1/4120
Rhubarb (fresh, medium dice)1 cup4 1/4120
Rice Krispies1 cup128
Rice, brown (cooked)1 cup6170
Rice, long grain (dry)1/2 cup3 1/299
Rye flakes1 cup4 3/8124
Scallions (sliced)1 cup2 1/464
Sesame seeds1/2 cup2 1/271
Shallots (peeled and sliced)1 cup5 1/2156
Sour cream1 cup8227
Sourdough starter1 cup8 to 8 1/2 ounces227-241
Strawberries (fresh sliced)1 cup5 7/8167
Sugar (granulated white)1 cup7198
2/3 cup4 3/4135
Sugar, confectioners’ (unsifted)2 cups8227
Sugar, dark or light brown (packed)1 cup7 1/2213
Sugar, demerara1 cup7 3/4220
Sugar, sticky bun1 cup3 1/299
Sugar substitute (Splenda)1 cup7/825
Sugar substitute (Clabber Girl Sugar replacer for baking)1 cup5142
Sundried tomatoes (dry pack)1 cup6170
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup1 1/435
Tahini paste1/2 cup2 1/271
Tapioca (quick-cooking)2 tablespoons3/421
Toffee chunks1 cup5 1/2156
Vegetable shortening1/4 cup1 5/846
1/3 cup2 1/860
1/2 cup3 1/492
Vital wheat gluten2 tablespoons5/818
Walnuts (whole)1/2 cup2 1/464
Walnuts (chopped)1 cup4113
Water1/3 cup2 5/874
2/3 cup5 1/4149
Wheat berries (red)1 cup3 1/299
Wheat bran1/2 cup1 1/832
Wheat (cracked)1 cup5 1/4149
Wheat flakes (malted)1/4 cup128
Wheat germ1/4 cup128
Yeast (instant)2 1/4 teaspoons1/47
Yogurt1 cup8227
Zucchini (shredded)1 cup5-6142-170


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    bev April 5, 2018 at 3:43 am

    my bread recipe book measures in weight for how long to cook, but my bread maker measures in with a timer, how can I convert?

    • Reply
      Admin April 8, 2018 at 6:50 am

      Hi, not sure I quite understand. What do you mean “measures in weight for how long to cook” ?

  2. Reply
    Ann F February 8, 2016 at 3:42 pm

    Just wanted to take a moment to tell you much I like this site! Every recipe I’ve tried has worked perfectly and made fabulous bread! The ones from my bread machine booklet are just awful – which sent me looking on the internet – only to find low and behold that many others think the Cuisinart recipes are not so great. I also have an older Hitachi bread machine that I don’t like the recipes so much in either. We have been feasting on good stuff from here. Especially loving the beer recipes.

    • Reply
      Admin February 9, 2016 at 10:29 am

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you so much for the great feedback 🙂
      Let us know if you have any questions or want a specific recipe and we will be glad to assist.

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