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Editor’s note: We are working on providing our audiences with all possible recipes for your bread machine. All recipes are fully tested to make sure both quality and the best outcome. All photos provided are real. Should there be any bread recipes, not provided, please contact us and we will post it! You can view all the recipes in a simple list here.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies RecipeBy Steve NubieSome bread machines have a cookie dough setting. If yours does not you can always use the pizza dough setting. The pizza dough setting mixes and kneads the dough but does not have a rising cycle which is unnecessary for a cookie dough. The cookies are finished in the oven on a baking sheet and here again it’s a good idea to combine gluten free flours to make the cookies.
Portuguese Sweet Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieThis is a traditional bread recipe that’s popular in Portugal for special events and holidays. It’s a sweet bread that’s often served as breakfast bread or as a dessert. You use the basic white bread cycle on your bread machine. This style if bread was also served with savory dishes like roasts and stews as a complement to the savory nature of those types of foods.
Dinner Rolls, Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns RecipesBy Steve NubieThere’s a “dough” setting on our bread machines that many of us miss. This setting allows us to basically make a dough that we can finish in the oven. The benefit is that we can shape it any way we want. The fact of the matter is that the hardest part of making any bread recipe is the mixing and kneading of the dough. Our bread machines do that for us and then we can take the dough and create our own variations. The possibilities are endless and this is how you can use your dough setting to make everything from dinner rolls to hamburger and hot dog buns.
Soft Pretzels RecipeBy Steve NubiePretzels are easy to make once you master the classic pretzel knot. The pretzels are finished in the oven and are often served with mustard on the side. You finish the pretzels a variety of ways the most popular is a brushing of water onto the dough and a sprinkle of course sea salt. Another variation involves brushing the pretzel dough with melted butter and a dusting of cinnamon and sugar.
Basic White – Beer Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieHere’s a great way to make a classic loaf of white bread special. It’s the addition of beer that gives this white bread loaf a great flavor and texture. You can use any type of beer that you like. A robust beer like a stout is a good choice but any kind of beer will do. Typically you want the beer to be warm and flat when you add it to the recipe.
Irish Soda Buttermilk Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieThis is a traditional St. Patrick’s day bread recipe. It’s called soda bread because baking soda is a key ingredient and it gives the break a tart flavor. The white bread setting is used on the bread machine but you can also finish this bread in the oven after using the dough cycle if you want the traditional, round loaf shape of a classic soda bread.
Garlicky Garlic Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieThis is a great recipe for garlic lovers. It’s loaded with garlic through and through both as an ingredient and a topping. Garlic powder is added to the bread dough and sliced garlic is placed on top of the loaf after rising and before baking. A traditional accompaniment to pasta dishes and sauces or simply served on the side with a salad.
Ezekiel Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieRoll up your sleeves for this one. This is a recipe that’s actually in the bible in the book of Ezekial. It’s an incredibly nutritious bread recipe but quite labor intensive. This is not a dump and stir recipe. You have to sprout grains and beans and then dry or roast them and then grind them before you even think about putting them in your bread machine. The good news is you’ve made a recipe from the bible that’s highly nutritious. The bad news is the amount of work to make this ancient recipe.
Gluten-Free White Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieMany bread machines have a gluten free setting. This setting has numerous rising and kneading cycles to compensate for the lack of gluten in various gluten free flours. And combining more than one of the gluten free flours is a key to gluten free success. The most common gluten free flour is rice flour but the addition of other gluten free flours will enhance the flavor and texture of a gluten free bread. The addition of sugar or honey also helps the yeast to grow and raise the bread, and warm water is also critical to get the most out of the rise.
Cheese and Beer Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieCheese and beer seem to go together and this recipe combines them to make a savory and salty bread. The cheese is incorporated into the dough and also sprinkled on the top after the rise and before the baking cycle begins. You can use any cheese or beer variety and the beer actually helps with the rising and the overall texture and taste of the bread.
Irish Soda Biscuits With Gravy RecipeBy Steve NubieLeftover corned beef makes a great, creamy gravy made with a little flour, butter and milk. It’s the perfect topping for these Irish soda biscuits. Baking soda gives these biscuits a great flavor and texture and they can be eaten like a traditional biscuit with a soft pat of butter or jelly.
Whole Wheat Bread with Dark Beer RecipeBy Steve NubieHere’s another bread recipe made with beer and wheat flour. A stout or Weissbeer is recommended and it should be warm and flat when added to the other ingredients. This is a great bread to served with hearty dishes with a gravy or sauce and it also makes great sandwiches.
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