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Editor’s note: We are working on providing our audiences with all possible recipes for your bread machine. All recipes are fully tested to make sure both quality and the best outcome. All photos provided are real. Should there be any bread recipes, not provided, please contact us and we will post it! You can view all the recipes in a simple list here.

Peach Bread RecipeBy Steve NubiePeach bread is a great dessert or breakfast bread.  It also is good at tea-time with coffee or tea.  It’s a very flavorful and very sweet bread accented by the addition of orange juice concentrate.  You can either use fresh peaches or canned depending on the seasonal availability of peaches.
Parmesan Focaccia Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieFocaccia bread is an Italian artisanal bread with a great crust and a firm, flavorful chew.  It’s a great bread for soups, stews or for dipping into sauces, olive oil or simply spread with butter or eaten on its own.  It’s a standard side-dish for pasta dishes and is even used as a crust for a robust pizza.  The recipe is easy to make using your bread machine with the basic dough setting, and then you shape, garnish and finish baking in the oven. 
Pesto Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieThis recipe is Pesto bread with a twist.  Or maybe I should say, “spiral.”  It’s made similar to a cinnamon roll or jelly roll in the sense that the pesto is spread over a sheet of dough and rolled up.  I guess you could say it’s a “Pesto roll.”  This is a dramatic looking loaf of bread and makes a great centerpiece on any table with Italian dishes, soups and salads and robust meat dishes like pork, beef and whole roasted chickens.  Your bread machine can make this recipe easy, but you need to finish it with some other steps after the dough is kneaded and then bake the loaf in a conventional oven.
Danish Pastry RecipeBy Steve NubieDanish pastry is often referred to in a short form as simply a “Danish.”  It’s a light and airy pastry that is usually topped or filled with a fruit filling similar to a pie filling and even cheese.  Your bread machine can make part of this process simple, but to make a true pastry you to have to repeatedly fold and roll out the dough between a thin sheet of butter bound with flour.  The growing layers of butter between the sheet of dough is what gives this pastry its flaky texture. 
Portuguese Farm Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieThis is a very simple bread recipe that is very easy to make in your bread machine.  It’s essentially a basic white bread with a twist.  It includes a small amount of semolina flour which gives it a slight, yellow color and a bit of springiness to each slice.
Muffins Recipe From Your Bread MakerBy Steve NubieEverybody loves muffins and your bread machine can make the basic batter easy to make.  We’re going to cover a basic muffin recipe and then ways to easily enhance them with blueberries, chocolate chips, coconut and good old, plain muffins.
Semolina Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieSemolina bread is made with semolina flour added to all-purpose flour. Semolina is a flour made from a very hard wheat grain called durum. The flour is traditionally used in Italy to make pasta, but it was in Sardinia that semolina bread emerged.
Grinder Rolls RecipeBy Steve NubieIf you’re ever run into a Grinder on a menu board in a restaurant, you’re probably wondering what exactly do they grind on this sandwich.  The answer might be a little different that you’d expect.  A Grinder is essentially a Sub sandwich.  It’s also been referred to as a Hoagie.  These kinds of sandwiches were popular with Italian immigrants working in the shipyards on the East coast of the United States.  Most of these men worked as “grinders” grinding off the metal rivets used to bolt ships together.  Somehow or another the name stuck for this style of sandwich.
Lavash (Version 2) RecipeBy Steve NubieLavash is an Armenian thin bread.  In some ways it’s similar to Greek Pita Bread and Indian Na’an bread but it may be closest to a flour tortilla. It’s funny how the world finds a way to do variations on the same things.    
Lavash (Version 1) RecipeBy Steve NubieLavash is an Armenian thin bread.  In some ways it’s similar to Greek Pita Bread and Indian Na’an bread.    
Boule Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieBoule Bread is a traditional French recipe.  It is an artisanal bread with a thick, dark crust and the coarse texture of artisan baking.  It is a very complicated bread to make from a baking perspective especially as it relates to the rising process, but your bread machine can make part of the process easier using the basic dough setting.  The dough is then allowed to rise over a period of time and baked in the oven in a covered Dutch oven for part of the baking process. 
Prosciutto Bread RecipeBy Steve NubieProsciutto is an Italian dry-cured ham known for the intensity of its flavor and rosy color.  Prosciutto bread uses chopped pieces or prosciutto and hard and diced parmesan cheese as a blended ingredient in the dough.  This recipe is easy to make in your bread machine from start to finish using the white bread setting.
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